January 16, 2013


NASTY GALS CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS 1000000/5 LET ME MAKE THAT CLEAR and I will most definitely be buying from them again but I'll try the express shipping next time!

So you know how I went on a crazy shoe binge last year? Well this is the last pair so you don't have to worry.

[I took pictures with a decent camera only to find that there was no cable so iPhone pictures it is, sorry]

If you look back through my blog, you'll see that I already had these shoes. Long story short, they were too big and I had to sell them but since I liked them so much, I decided to get another pair that actually fit me.

Fortunately, Nasty Gal had them on sale so I had to get them! The delivery process though was... less than desirable.


I ordered these on the 12th December 2012 with the second best shipping (I didn't need them immediately and I assumed they would come before Christmas so I didn't mind as long as it was tracked. The shoes were shipped out I think a day or two later but... the tracking never changed for almost three weeks. I had never had a problem with an international order until this time (it was inevitable so yeaahh).

I later realised is was more of a fault on the company that was dealing with the package - USPS, which upon not even hard research I found that they're not very concerned about scanning packages (which is a whole different story I could rant on about). 

Anyway after I had received them I got this email:

Hello Nadia,
Thank you again for your recent Order #57XXXX7!
Tracking indicates that your package was delivered on the 3rd. Typically USPS Priority Airmail packages take no more than two weeks for delivery so I cannot apologize enough that your order was not delivered on time. It seems your package was delayed in customs. Unfortunately, we are not able to speed up this process or estimate how long a package will be held, as they are released solely at the discretion of your government's agents. However, I would be happy to refund you $35.00 for the cost of shipping.
I hope that you absolutely love the Night Walk Platform! Please feel free to let me know if they are anything less than perfect.
Customer Care
I thought that was a nice gesture seeing that I had emailed them twice and had already gotten replies.

Nasty Gal's shipping boxes have to be the coolest, the inside was lined with lips and I dont know why but I love attention to detail with things that people might find boring. To stop the box from moving there was these scrunched up pieces of cardboard tube and sort of smelled weird. My cat and rabbit enjoyed playing with them though!


The shoes came in the usual Cat Box and were wrapped in tissue and then were in their usual dust bags. (I have pictures of the cat box in previous posts).


Upon inspection the front of the left shoe is scuffed/worn off at the toe which I guess is a minor detail. To be honest, overall the shoes look quite bit worn out and that kinda bummed me out because in comparison my previous pair was older and it looked brand new. :-(

This shoe is a black suede platform with a Mary-Jane strap and a cut out heel. I love how it still looks cute but has the added edge of having no heel, it's one of my favourite pairs.


The shape is scary but people aren't lying when they say its easy to walk in. It really is although I would say this is more of an inside shoe, if you wanted to go to a dinner or something similar, because uneven terrain is this shoes only downfall, I'm just putting it out there that it can be a safety hazard if you're planning on walking a thousand miles outdoors (and why would you want to ruin suede like that?).

The sizes do run a little big if you have average feet. My feet are wide so I didn't have to go half a size down and I'm glad I didn't because these fit perfectly. I think its more of the fact that the front is open and the support is a strap. They're light weight so you don't have to put much effort into walking.. but whatever you do, dont lean back on your non existent heels.

Delivery: 2/5 (Boooo USPS)
Aesthetic: For the shoe: 5/5 For the actual ones I have 4/5
Function: 5/5
Quality: 4.5/5 (They're already worn looking :'-( so -.5)


  1. Ah love these shoes! Kinda sucks they look worn out though :( But the Nastygal customer service seems amazing so I might make a purchase there! xx

  2. Aww these look amazing on you! I love the Night walks! Shame they took so long to arrive but worth the wait for how awesome they look! ;) xx