December 13, 2012


*Sorry for the really late post, it's been sitting in my drafts with no pictures!*

This post is sort of long but it needs the back story. Pictures are added every now and then to give you a break from my rambles~

So as mentioned earlier, Solestruck had a huge Black Friday Sale (Black Weekend?) which involved 30% off on Friday, 40% off on Saturday and 50% off the sale price on Sunday that meant that in a way, they were practically clearing out their inventory.


I placed my order on the 26th (which was Sunday in America), and I received it 10 days later. I chose the cheaper shipping for this pair. It did come in the specified time (6-10 days came in 10) but the tracking was horrible and I felt that that it wasn't as reliable as the Express Shipping.

Solestruck Shipment Box (Instagram photo, being lazy like yeaah)
I did have a problem with my address that I didn't check when I ordered so I emailed their Customer Service and almost immediately got a reply, which is something I was impressed with.


The shoes came in a pretty cool shipment box, which was only slightly bigger that the actual shoe box, and there was paper inside to make up for the extra space. It came with a newer shoe box, which I believe is 'Limited Edition'. When I opened the shoe box, there was a cute cautionary card for the spikes and a litte card informing you about the leather*.

On the lid of the box was a small baggie of extra studs (which I have no idea how you would restud them because the stud backs are hidden in the lining). The shoes were packed so securely I was surprised at the attention paid to the packaging.


This shoe is pretty much self explanatory. Its a leather* platform wedge with Green Spikes. The Spikes are pointy, but they're not sharp like everyone says. I just like every detail about this shoe, I can't really say much more. The laces look pretty rad but theres a zip on the inner side of each shoe so you dont have to sit there and lace it up as you would with Chuck Taylors.


The website says that the shoes are true to size. It is slightly narrow around where your toes connect to your foot, but to me it just feels like its hugging my foot, and it doesn't rub against my toes. I would recommend ordering half a size up. (These are Size 8 and I am 7.5)

To be honest I found these much easier to walk in than the Litas (although I recommend putting these on while seated on a chair, not the floor), even though your foot is on a steeper arch (NOT AS STEEP AS IT LOOKS). I also found that if you tie the laces loosely on the top rungs they can pop out of place but if you tie it tightly, your ankle doesnt bend as freely, I like to tie mine up tight because it feels more secure.


Delivery: 3.5/5
Aesthetic: 5/5
Function: 5/5
Quality: (Havent worn them out yet, will update accordingly)

Buy Again? Hopefully the Cat Tapestry will be restocked. ;)

* Just thought I'd write this here, there was a card for leather care, but looking on the inside it says synthetic, so I think that they actually are synthetic.

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