December 25, 2011


Ah, the famous JC Litas. I remember seeing these booties whenever I decided to track the heels tag on my other blog. Being the type of person that would always choose sneakers over any other pair of shoes, I decided to do my research on these beauties and see if they were worth buying, which they were but sadly when I did go to look at it again they were sold out. And I mean every colour I wanted. All of them. If I wanted to be in JC galore, my tiny self would have to have a whopping size 10 foot.

 One day I decided to look up the Lita in Black Glitter, the colour way that I was after and sure enough, Karmaloop had just put them up on their site, so I knew I had to get them! I actually only ordered it two weeks after I saw them and there were only 4 more left in my size.

I placed an order on the 12th of October and as soon as I got my tracking number, I tracked the living crap out of that package. To my surprise, they arrived on the 17th (I live in NZ and Karmaloop is based in the US, this included the weekend) in a  Karmaloop box. It was well worth the $45 shipping and I had no problems with the site, so I didn't have to converse directly with customer service at all! My Litas came in the kitty JC box (the one I was secretly hoping to get) and within the box they were individually wrapped in little bags, probably to stop them from destroying each other during transit.
Box on outside and inside (There are cute kitty ads on the inside!)

I was very curious as to how the glitter was set onto the shoe -- was it a sequined typed material, was it fine glitter etc. The glitter is quite coarse or larger as opposed to your average glitter and it is adhered to the shoe and I know you're wondering if it comes off easily, I think not. The glitter will only really come off if you're sitting and grinding your feet together or against a rough surface. You will also get a few stray glitters come off now and again but nothing to worry about. I really only wanted a pair with a black heel to match my wardrobe and they go very well with the black glitter, better than if it had a brown heel at least. I am quite short and these babies have a 2" platform and a 5" heel, so it makes me about 5'8-9", significantly taller than most of my family!
Glitter up close

Just like any other review of the Lita, these shoes are comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in, however, they are NOT ideal for running errands unless you have time on your hands. I did wear them around the house for a week with no trouble but when I went Christmas shopping, which included going up and down escalators, across the road to two different malls, and walking through aisles, I lasted about an hour and a half before I came to face the fact that each second to last toe on my feet had sickly looking blisters. Its not that theyre uncomfortable, you cant walk around too fast in them. I also have broad feet (flippers, apparently) so I'm not sure if that is a contributing factor. And of course, these make you hella tall, or normal height if you were born with midget genes. I cant decide if these run true to size or a little smaller, because I have odd feet but they did fit me length wise, not necessarily width.

Delivery: 5/5
Aesthetic: 5/5
Function: 4.5/5
Quality: 5/5

Overall: 19.5/20

Buy Again?: Definitely!
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  1. O. M. G These are amaaaaazing we love the glitters and havent found any black ones still in stock for the blog :(
    You're a lucky girl thats for sure :D