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January 16, 2013


NASTY GALS CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS 1000000/5 LET ME MAKE THAT CLEAR and I will most definitely be buying from them again but I'll try the express shipping next time!

So you know how I went on a crazy shoe binge last year? Well this is the last pair so you don't have to worry.

[I took pictures with a decent camera only to find that there was no cable so iPhone pictures it is, sorry]

If you look back through my blog, you'll see that I already had these shoes. Long story short, they were too big and I had to sell them but since I liked them so much, I decided to get another pair that actually fit me.

Fortunately, Nasty Gal had them on sale so I had to get them! The delivery process though was... less than desirable.


I ordered these on the 12th December 2012 with the second best shipping (I didn't need them immediately and I assumed they would come before Christmas so I didn't mind as long as it was tracked. The shoes were shipped out I think a day or two later but... the tracking never changed for almost three weeks. I had never had a problem with an international order until this time (it was inevitable so yeaahh).

I later realised is was more of a fault on the company that was dealing with the package - USPS, which upon not even hard research I found that they're not very concerned about scanning packages (which is a whole different story I could rant on about). 

Anyway after I had received them I got this email:

Hello Nadia,
Thank you again for your recent Order #57XXXX7!
Tracking indicates that your package was delivered on the 3rd. Typically USPS Priority Airmail packages take no more than two weeks for delivery so I cannot apologize enough that your order was not delivered on time. It seems your package was delayed in customs. Unfortunately, we are not able to speed up this process or estimate how long a package will be held, as they are released solely at the discretion of your government's agents. However, I would be happy to refund you $35.00 for the cost of shipping.
I hope that you absolutely love the Night Walk Platform! Please feel free to let me know if they are anything less than perfect.
Customer Care
I thought that was a nice gesture seeing that I had emailed them twice and had already gotten replies.

Nasty Gal's shipping boxes have to be the coolest, the inside was lined with lips and I dont know why but I love attention to detail with things that people might find boring. To stop the box from moving there was these scrunched up pieces of cardboard tube and sort of smelled weird. My cat and rabbit enjoyed playing with them though!


The shoes came in the usual Cat Box and were wrapped in tissue and then were in their usual dust bags. (I have pictures of the cat box in previous posts).


Upon inspection the front of the left shoe is scuffed/worn off at the toe which I guess is a minor detail. To be honest, overall the shoes look quite bit worn out and that kinda bummed me out because in comparison my previous pair was older and it looked brand new. :-(

This shoe is a black suede platform with a Mary-Jane strap and a cut out heel. I love how it still looks cute but has the added edge of having no heel, it's one of my favourite pairs.


The shape is scary but people aren't lying when they say its easy to walk in. It really is although I would say this is more of an inside shoe, if you wanted to go to a dinner or something similar, because uneven terrain is this shoes only downfall, I'm just putting it out there that it can be a safety hazard if you're planning on walking a thousand miles outdoors (and why would you want to ruin suede like that?).

The sizes do run a little big if you have average feet. My feet are wide so I didn't have to go half a size down and I'm glad I didn't because these fit perfectly. I think its more of the fact that the front is open and the support is a strap. They're light weight so you don't have to put much effort into walking.. but whatever you do, dont lean back on your non existent heels.

Delivery: 2/5 (Boooo USPS)
Aesthetic: For the shoe: 5/5 For the actual ones I have 4/5
Function: 5/5
Quality: 4.5/5 (They're already worn looking :'-( so -.5)

December 13, 2012


*Sorry for the really late post, it's been sitting in my drafts with no pictures!*

This post is sort of long but it needs the back story. Pictures are added every now and then to give you a break from my rambles~

So as mentioned earlier, Solestruck had a huge Black Friday Sale (Black Weekend?) which involved 30% off on Friday, 40% off on Saturday and 50% off the sale price on Sunday that meant that in a way, they were practically clearing out their inventory.


I placed my order on the 26th (which was Sunday in America), and I received it 10 days later. I chose the cheaper shipping for this pair. It did come in the specified time (6-10 days came in 10) but the tracking was horrible and I felt that that it wasn't as reliable as the Express Shipping.

Solestruck Shipment Box (Instagram photo, being lazy like yeaah)
I did have a problem with my address that I didn't check when I ordered so I emailed their Customer Service and almost immediately got a reply, which is something I was impressed with.


The shoes came in a pretty cool shipment box, which was only slightly bigger that the actual shoe box, and there was paper inside to make up for the extra space. It came with a newer shoe box, which I believe is 'Limited Edition'. When I opened the shoe box, there was a cute cautionary card for the spikes and a litte card informing you about the leather*.

On the lid of the box was a small baggie of extra studs (which I have no idea how you would restud them because the stud backs are hidden in the lining). The shoes were packed so securely I was surprised at the attention paid to the packaging.


This shoe is pretty much self explanatory. Its a leather* platform wedge with Green Spikes. The Spikes are pointy, but they're not sharp like everyone says. I just like every detail about this shoe, I can't really say much more. The laces look pretty rad but theres a zip on the inner side of each shoe so you dont have to sit there and lace it up as you would with Chuck Taylors.


The website says that the shoes are true to size. It is slightly narrow around where your toes connect to your foot, but to me it just feels like its hugging my foot, and it doesn't rub against my toes. I would recommend ordering half a size up. (These are Size 8 and I am 7.5)

To be honest I found these much easier to walk in than the Litas (although I recommend putting these on while seated on a chair, not the floor), even though your foot is on a steeper arch (NOT AS STEEP AS IT LOOKS). I also found that if you tie the laces loosely on the top rungs they can pop out of place but if you tie it tightly, your ankle doesnt bend as freely, I like to tie mine up tight because it feels more secure.


Delivery: 3.5/5
Aesthetic: 5/5
Function: 5/5
Quality: (Havent worn them out yet, will update accordingly)

Buy Again? Hopefully the Cat Tapestry will be restocked. ;)

* Just thought I'd write this here, there was a card for leather care, but looking on the inside it says synthetic, so I think that they actually are synthetic.

February 18, 2012

Put MAC's 'Carbon' to SHAME! - @sugarpillmakeup Sugarpill Cosmetics 'Bulletproof' Eyeshadow Review.

For a while, I've been looking for a HG Matte Black Eyeshadow after owning too many shimmery blacks and trying out many matte blacks that just weren't dark enough for me, but my search has ended! My mother and I would waltz in and out of the MAC store pondering on whether it was worth it to buy Carbon (which is very sheer for an intense looking eyeshadow) or find something better..

Typing "Bulletproof Eyeshadow Review" into google I found this:
"What company has the blackest matte eyeshadow? I'm looking for one that doesn't go green, but a carbon black. Any suggestions..." 
"Sugarpill's Bulletproof eyeshadow puts MAC's Carbon to SHAME!"

Not only do I think this is one of the best cosmetic purchases I have made so far, it is also the best online purchase for the best customer service!

I placed an order on the 12th and it arrived on the 18th! (shipping was $6.00USD to NZ)
I was so happy to receive my Sugarpill box, and was even happier when I opened it - one word - PINK! Everything was wrapped securely in a lot of pink tissue and came with the Eyeshadow, a Promotional Card, A sample of Goldilux, and an invoice (With a written thankyou!).

Delivery Box

If there's one thing I love, its great packaging, I actually hoard most packaging because it looks good, I even have tags from clothing I don't even wear anymore and as far as cosmetic packaging goes from delivery box to product packaging, Sugarpill takes the cake. Everything is intricately detailed with CORRECT spelling, clear labelling and so on. Even the 'Goldilux' sample packaging is highly detailed on sturdy card and even a pink staple (I found this minor detail so cute!). The case Bulletproof came in was bigger than an average pan and perfectly sized to fit in my almost full makeup bag.
Everything inside the box + invoice.

Bulletproof Eyeshadow (inside box)
Bulletproof Eyeshadow (without flash)
Goldilux Eyeshadow Sample


I wish I had Carbon to swatch and compare, but in a way I'm happy I didn't waste $32 (yes, 32) on buying something I would probably never use again. 

This stuff is perfect. A few swipes of Bulletproof and you have a beautiful vivid BLACK. I really cant say more, it speaks for itself. I'm happy I invested in this product, it is seriously so velvety and works perfectly, I am definitely going to try more colours.

Over MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork vs Bare Skin w/o flash

Over MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork vs Bare Skin w/ flash
[Watch this space, more pictures coming soon!]

Delivery: 5/5
Aesthetic: 5/5
Function/Use/Application: 5/5
Quality: 5/5

Buy Again? I'm already picking out some colours.

Shop Sugarpill Cosmetics @!

December 25, 2011


Ah, the famous JC Litas. I remember seeing these booties whenever I decided to track the heels tag on my other blog. Being the type of person that would always choose sneakers over any other pair of shoes, I decided to do my research on these beauties and see if they were worth buying, which they were but sadly when I did go to look at it again they were sold out. And I mean every colour I wanted. All of them. If I wanted to be in JC galore, my tiny self would have to have a whopping size 10 foot.

 One day I decided to look up the Lita in Black Glitter, the colour way that I was after and sure enough, Karmaloop had just put them up on their site, so I knew I had to get them! I actually only ordered it two weeks after I saw them and there were only 4 more left in my size.

I placed an order on the 12th of October and as soon as I got my tracking number, I tracked the living crap out of that package. To my surprise, they arrived on the 17th (I live in NZ and Karmaloop is based in the US, this included the weekend) in a  Karmaloop box. It was well worth the $45 shipping and I had no problems with the site, so I didn't have to converse directly with customer service at all! My Litas came in the kitty JC box (the one I was secretly hoping to get) and within the box they were individually wrapped in little bags, probably to stop them from destroying each other during transit.
Box on outside and inside (There are cute kitty ads on the inside!)

I was very curious as to how the glitter was set onto the shoe -- was it a sequined typed material, was it fine glitter etc. The glitter is quite coarse or larger as opposed to your average glitter and it is adhered to the shoe and I know you're wondering if it comes off easily, I think not. The glitter will only really come off if you're sitting and grinding your feet together or against a rough surface. You will also get a few stray glitters come off now and again but nothing to worry about. I really only wanted a pair with a black heel to match my wardrobe and they go very well with the black glitter, better than if it had a brown heel at least. I am quite short and these babies have a 2" platform and a 5" heel, so it makes me about 5'8-9", significantly taller than most of my family!
Glitter up close

Just like any other review of the Lita, these shoes are comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in, however, they are NOT ideal for running errands unless you have time on your hands. I did wear them around the house for a week with no trouble but when I went Christmas shopping, which included going up and down escalators, across the road to two different malls, and walking through aisles, I lasted about an hour and a half before I came to face the fact that each second to last toe on my feet had sickly looking blisters. Its not that theyre uncomfortable, you cant walk around too fast in them. I also have broad feet (flippers, apparently) so I'm not sure if that is a contributing factor. And of course, these make you hella tall, or normal height if you were born with midget genes. I cant decide if these run true to size or a little smaller, because I have odd feet but they did fit me length wise, not necessarily width.

Delivery: 5/5
Aesthetic: 5/5
Function: 4.5/5
Quality: 5/5

Overall: 19.5/20

Buy Again?: Definitely!
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Hurry, they sell out quick!